Customized Virtual Trainings

Virtual trainings combine the communication of important content with the relaxed and fun atmosphere of video games. Whether as a quiz in the style of modern driving tests or as an interactive 3D simulation on the PC or virtual reality headsets. In our opinion, learning has to be fun and always provide new incentives to support the pure information transfer in the best possible way.


Our Development

  1. Faster & More efficient
    Through direct and practical learning.
  2. Maximized employee motivation
    Through playful elements and interactivity.
  3. Reduced risk of failures & accidents
    Through first exercises in the harmless virtual reality than at real workplaces.
  4. Passiv learning
    By embedding information like safety instructions in virtual reality.
  5. Reduced training & traveling costs
    Through decentralized training and lower acquisition/operating costs.
  6. Measurability
    Through task protocols, time and efficiency measurements.
  1. High Quality
    Through authentic environments according to your ideas.
  2. Sustainable
    Through a solid framework for modeling training processes.
  3. Fast
    Through access to existing libraries and methods of agile software development.
  4. Customizable
    By means of optional adjusting screws which can also be changed during use.

game development

We are passionate about playing video games, but we much prefer to develop them. Our hobby has long since arrived in the middle of society. In 2018 about 34 million people in Germany played video games. The age of the players hardly plays a role anymore and so many companies have discovered this medium and want to use it for themselves. Whether as an advertising platform, for edutainment purposes or simply for pleasure. We are happy to advise you on your ideas or design/develop video games and simulations according to your ideas.

  1. Game Design
  2. Prototyping
  3. PC/VR Development
  4. Mobile Development
  5. Edutainment & Gamification
  6. Simulations
  7. Shader Development

3D modeling

Sign language is the man's oldest communication medium. In many situations of our everyday life, visual representations help with the orientation or the mediation of information. Words alone only create individual images in people's minds and lead to misunderstandings. For this reason we consider visual representations, whether in 2D or 3D, to be extremely important. Together with you, we design and produce 2D and 3D assets according to your ideas and requirements. So that you don't just have to draw the images in your head with words.

  1. Modeling
  2. Texturing
  3. Rigging & Animation
  4. Cloth Simulation
  5. Realtime Rendering

software development

Software has long been an integral part of our everyday lives. They solve the most diverse challenges. But there are not always already available products. Whether large software solutions or small helpers for in between. Simply describe your problem to us and we find or develop a solution, roll it out and train your users.

  1. Tool Development
  2. Web Development